Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

What is a PDA?

A PDA is the complete evaluation of the physical and environmental demand components of a particular job to determine physical functions and measure the intensity, frequency, and duration.

The PDA is carried out at the worksite in collaboration with workers and management.  It is conducted by an Occupational Athletics professional who compiles the results in a standardized written format.

A PDA includes:

  • Direct observation of the employee while performing his/her job
  • Detailed Analysis of:
      • Types of material handling
      • Loads and necessary forces
      • Posture requirements
      • Specific motion requirements
      • Applicable environmental conditions
  • Digital photos included and video support available
  • Detailed assessment included in Report


Functional Fit for Duty Programs (FFD)

What is FFD?
After the PDA is conducted, a Functional Fit for Duty Program can be formulated based upon the PDA’s results to increase function and productivity and reduce the risk of pain, injuries, and accidents related to a specific job.

A specialized body-conditioning program will be assigned in order to best adapt employees for the tasks they are expected to perform. Being “Functionally Fit for Duty” lessens the chance for injury in addition to improving job performance, safety, job satisfaction and Quality of Life.

A Functional Work Evaluation (FWE)

What is a FWE?

Based on the PDA and FFD, a Functional Work Evaluation (FWE) can be formulated in order to determine if the employee is capable of handling the physical demands of the job. The FWE includes a variety of functional movements specific to the job including range of motion, muscular strength, endurance, and other flexibility and physical demands conditioning.

A FWE can also be used as a test to evaluate where an employee stands (have they improved, stayed the same, or worsened over a period of time; or if coming back from an injury, what tasks can they safely perform).