The Gameplan for Aging

The Gameplan for Aging is an educational and motivational lifestyle-modification training seminar, which was developed to assist people in ALL walks of life. It is well known as a meaningful reality check that provides participants with the knowledge and motivation to make a plan of action to benefit their personal lifestyle and achieve better quality of life.
60-90 minute presentation time



Life Enhancement

This seminar lends a personal approach to addressing the complications of aging and how it relates to your own lifestyle. It is designed as a follow up to the Gameplan for Aging seminar. Life Enhancement will give you a powerful reality check on the lifestyle factors that drive your life expectancy and how to maximize your time. You will learn how to manage the 6 key Lifestyle Factors in order to age better, live safer, and reduce the risks of illness, injuries, and accidents.
60-90 minute presentation time



Performance Nutrition – Eating for Energy to Age

Nutrition is one of the most overlooked employee training programs, yet it is such an important component. Poor nutrition is the basis for many preventable health problems and often causes accidents and injuries due to fatigue. Performance Nutrition will educate participants on how to redirect their personal behavior to eat for nutrition, not just for taste. It will make a dramatic impact on human performance and is effective in the prevention of fatigue, illness, and injury.  60 minute training series, 2-4 training segments are recommended for the most comprehensive information required to change behaviors.



Conditioning Clinic

“Wellness works for the well, and the fit get fitter.” However, everyone experiences aging and needs to improve (or, at the very least, maintain) their condition as they get older. The human machine is the most expensive machine to fix and the most difficult machine to diagnose. Conditioning Clinics are designed to address personal behavior and educate participants on all aspects of conditioning including strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Conditioning Clinics are a great proactive solution to the risk of employee healthcare complications.
60-90 minute sessions



Conditioning Back Training

A “bad” back is the number one injury seen in a workforce. The root cause often proves to be poor physical conditioning, due to inadequate body mechanics and lack of awareness. This seminar will focus on the realities of aging and the severity of back injuries that go along with it.  It provides proactive measures that individuals can take towards back-related injury prevention.
60 minute sessions



Use Work to Get Fit!

This coaching session will teach employees how to get fit using their daily work regime as an exercise routine. This is an “out of the box” method to educate a workforce on how to apply the physical functions of work to become fit, leading to better injury and accident prevention.
Recommended for safety training, new-hires, and Train the Trainer Systems.



Stress Busters

Stress is one of the most common health risk factors and poses major health risks. Sure, everybody has stressors, but how do you deal with them? Stress Busters will educate employees on the physiology of stress and the reality of its consequences. This program will provide employees with a plan to combat stress on any level – physically, mentally, and emotionally.
60 minute sessions, 3 part training series available.



Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics demonstrates the physiology and ergonomics of ALL physical work. This makes an excellent Train the Trainer program  to create a safer environment and to generate awareness on how everyday physical work affects the body on a daily basis and over time, so that your workers will be knowledgeable on how to maintain or improve their bodies.
60-90 minute sessions



Fatigue Management

Millions of Americans are sleep-deprived, and when we become sleep-deprived, we become fatigued. Being constantly fatigued leads to major health problems and is a top contributor to accident and injury. Fatigue Management is a critical training program; everybody needs to understand the importance of sleep and the detrimental long-term effects of not getting an adequate amount or getting poor quality of sleep. This seminar provides proactive remedies and solutions to sleep well and manage fatigue in order to lead a healthier and more productive lifestyle.
60 minute sessions, 3 part training series available.