Our TOTAL Risk Management Solution


Why do you need Human Maintenance?

  • FACT:  Your workforce is aging, and with aging comes additional risk of injuries, accidents, and illness.  As these risks increase, so do absenteeism, healthcare utilization, and worker’s compensation costs.
  • FACT: People in pain are less productive.  They cannot perform at their maximum potential, which makes them physically and mentally stressed.
  • FACT: Many companies have traditional wellness programs, which are typically used by people who are already well or who are motivated to improve their lifestyles.  Unfortunately, most people are not motivated.


What is Human Maintenance?

Human Maintenance is a comprehensive system that proactively trains and treats your workforce with certified athletic trainers as if they are a professional sports team.  After all, professional athletes get the best preventative care and treatment, because if they are not in peak condition, they cannot do their job.  And if they cannot do their job, the team will lose.

The Human Maintenance System (HMS) positions an onsite Occupational Athletic Trainer to deliver all components of HMS.  The HMS is our total risk management system that produces positive outcomes in workplace injury prevention and accident prevention, as well as reducing health care utilization and the costs associated with workers compensation and health insurance.

We feel the same way about your employees.  As your most valuable asset, they need the same level of care.


How does Human Maintenance work?

For the most transformative and cost-saving results, Occupational Athletics recommends a 3-phased approach to implementation that includes:

  • The Gameplan for Aging® Seminar to introduce employees to the reality check of aging and WHY they need to take care of themselves-
  • The Physical Readiness System® to get employees engaged in their own healthy lifestyle management-
  • The Human Maintenance System with an onsite trainer to individually assist employees in all aspects of injury, accident, and illness prevention-

All three phases are included in the Human Maintenance System.



The Human Maintenance System


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