The Athlete Systems are designed especially for you – in your specific industry. Road Athlete for truck drivers, Bus Athlete for bus drivers, EMS Athlete for emergency services employees, and Occupational Athlete for everyone else!

This is a day-by-day interactive system that gives you health, fitness, and safety information and daily goals to keep you on track in your quest for optimum health and well-being. Includes: Digital Gamebook, Videos, Audios, Handouts.

BUS Athlete System

Welcome to the BUS Athlete System designed specifically, for you... the bus driver. Includes education and goals on 12 Lifestyle Factors within the digital book, audio files and videos. Includes Bus Safety information on every page!




EMS Athlete System

Designed just for you, the EMS worker. Stay safe. Be well. The EMS Interactive Athlete System includes 12 Lifestyle Topics within the Daily Gamebook, Audios, and Videos. Safety information on every page specific to emergency medical workers!




Occupational Athlete System

Welcome to the Occupational Athlete System. "Your workplace is your playing field, and you are an athlete!" Learn how to be healthier both physically and mentally (slowly but surely) with this daily digital Gamebook, audios, and videos. Safety tips included on every page.



Road Athlete System

If you drive a truck, The Road Athlete System can help you to attain better health and general well-being. This daily system includes the digital gamebook, audio files and videos. We've included information on 12 Lifestyle topics, safety tips for truck drivers, and entertaining motor-vators.