Flexibility. Core Stability. Balance. Strength


Why do you need the Physical Readiness System?

  • FACT: Musculoskeletal injuries are common and cost American companies billions of dollars per year.
  • FACT: People who are in poor physical condition are often not prepared to meet the demands of their jobs resulting in pain and injury.
  • FACT: Severity and frequency of injury elevates with age, and we are ALL aging.
  • FACT: Most people do not have the knowledge or the motivation to maintain a lifestyle that keeps them healthy and safe.


What is the PRS?

As we age, we are more prone to fatigue, weight gain, illness, and injury. Daily activities become harder, and we don’t recover as easily as we used to. To help combat the effects of aging, we must stay active and consider our health and wellness every day.

The Physical Readiness System (PRS) is an on-the-clock pre-work physical preparation designed to improve worker safety and efficiency, ultimately reducing accidents and improving performance. The system emphasizes important elements such as movement, strength, balance, flexibility, and awareness to improve the condition of the workforce and reduce injuries. It provides focus, motivation, and a team-like atmosphere.