The Gameplan for Aging, Your Four Quarters of Life is an educational and motivational behavioral modification training utilizing a sports analogy for aging and LIVING by walking participants through their 4 quarters of life.  This seminar is used for engagement.

This meaningful reality check gives each participant the knowledge and motivation to make a plan of action for themselves that will benefit their personal well-being and safety as well as your bottom line. 

Risks of injuries and illness rise as people age, and all workers are aging.  This seminar demonstrates that the lifestyles we lead connect directly to our personal safety, and helps employees to understand just how important it is for them to take a personal interest in improving their lifestyle if they want to move forward injury-free and in good health as they grow older. 


Our Partners & What they have to say...

I have been in Corporate Safety & Health for Consumers Energy for over 27 years and have seen lots of safety initiatives. The Occupational Athletics Training Program and Human Maintenance System using certified Athletic Trainers has the most immediate, and I predict the most long lasting, impact of all the initiatives we have launched. This program has a positive impact on safety performance, productivity, morale, and quality of life.


 Consumers Energy
John Bavin, Corporate Safety

The Occupational Athlete Program has been a huge success at our company. The program has helped us reduce our work place injuries, improve the health and wellness of our employees, and has created a team atmosphere in our organization, which resulted in improved morale and attitudes of the employees. The Nutritional Facts and Safety Message that is read each night motivates our employees to live a healthier and safer lifestyle.


 Consumers Energy
Jeff Mercadante, Director of Safety, PITT OHIO