Human Maintenance System

The HMS is a comprehensive system that proactively trains and treats your workforce as if they were a professional sports team.  This is our most intense system with the best outcomes for your workforce and for your company.

The ultimate goal of the HMS is to create a culture of health, safety, and performance onsite at the workplace, thereby significantly reducing work-related injuries and the need for healthcare utilization by the workforce.

Why do you need Human Maintenance?

FACT: Your workforce is aging, and with aging comes additional risk of injuries, accidents, and illness.  As these risks increase, so do absenteeism, healthcare utilization, and worker's compensation costs.

FACT: People in pain are less productive at work and in their personal lives.  They cannot perform at their maximum potential, which causes them to be physically and mentally stressed.

FACT: Many companies have traditional wellness programs, which are typically used by people who are already well or who are already motivated to improve their lifestyles.  


What is The Human Maintenance System?

The Human Maintenance System is a comprehensive system that proactively trains and treats your workforce as if they were a professional sports team - with certified athletic trainers - because as we know, professional athletes receive the best preventative care and treatment.  If players are not in peak condition, they cannot do their jobs, and if they cannot do their jobs, their teams will lose. 

We position onsite certified athletic trainers to deliver all components of the HMS with a unique one-on-one delivery system.  This is our total risk management system that produces positive outcomes in workplace injury and accident prevention while reducing healthcare utilization and the costs associated with workers compensation and health insurance.

We feel the same about your workforce.  As your most valuable asset, your employees need the same level of care as professional athletes do so that your company ends up ahead of the game.


How does The Human Maintenance System work?

For the most transformative and cost-saving results, OAI recommends a 3-phased approach to implementation that includes:

  1. The Gameplan for Aging Seminar to introduce employees to the reality check of aging and living, and why they need to take care of themselves (integrating lifestyle and safety).
  2. The Physical Readiness System to engage employees in their own healthy lifestyle management.
  3. The Human Maintenance System - Your onsite trainer delivers ALL services (below) as a part of your company's culture.


HMS Certified Athletic Trainer Onsite Services

  • Ergonomic Evaluations and Adjustments
  • Symptom Management
  • One-on-One Interventions
  • Body Mechanic Assessments
  • Onsite Lifestyle and Injury Prevention Training
  • Ongoing Follow-up
  • Monthly Health and Wellness OAI Newsletter (Private Labeled)
  • Exercise Prescriptions
  • Group Exercise Training
  • Management Team Interaction with the OAI Leadership Team
  • Personal Physical Adjustments
  • Injury Prevention Assessments
  • Continuing Education of Occupational Athletic PRS Coaches
  • Support Materials
  • Functional Fit for Duty Systems
  • Monthly Tracking System
  • Monthly Executive Reports Highlighting all Activity


Our Partners & What they have to say...

I have been in Corporate Safety & Health for Consumers Energy for over 27 years and have seen lots of safety initiatives. The Occupational Athletics Training Program and Human Maintenance System using certified Athletic Trainers has the most immediate, and I predict the most long lasting, impact of all the initiatives we have launched. This program has a positive impact on safety performance, productivity, morale, and quality of life.


 Consumers Energy
John Bavin, Corporate Safety

The Occupational Athlete Program has been a huge success at our company. The program has helped us reduce our work place injuries, improve the health and wellness of our employees, and has created a team atmosphere in our organization, which resulted in improved morale and attitudes of the employees. The Nutritional Facts and Safety Message that is read each night motivates our employees to live a healthier and safer lifestyle.


 Consumers Energy
Jeff Mercadante, Director of Safety, PITT OHIO